Growth Hacking


eLearning courses £39

Instructor led one day courses available on request in various UK/International Locations


The new economy calls for a new way of attracting customers and sales. Growth hacking is to the new economy what marketing was to the last millennium.  The goal is to share a message and make a sale. The difference is in how those customer connections are discovered, created, and nurtured.

This course will highlight the essentials of growth hacking — from learning the new growth hacking mindset and discovering the need your product or service can fill, through planning, delivery and optimization — that will position your company to grow and thrive today and in the future.


• Identify the growth hacking mindset
• Recognize the differences between growth hacking and marketing
• Identify the customer need your business can fill
• Create and implement product placement and services to fit the need
• Learn and practice techniques of growth hacking
• Review and practice growth marketing strategies
• Identify the essentials of conversion and optimization
• Create your own growth hacking plan


  • Learning the Mindset
  • Framing the Need
  • Making the Match
  • Going Live
  • Maximizing Results
  • Optimizing and Moving Forward


• Instruction by an expert facilitator
• Small, interactive classes
• Specialized manual and course materials
• Personalized certificate of completion


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